Manufacturers and designers will now have access to a diverse range of specialist testing services to assist the development of new or existing products, investigate new materials, right through to durability testing and bench marking performance. A variety of different assemblies can be tested including doorsets, windows, glazing systems, door hardware, and dampers to name but a few.

The dedicated Testing & Technical Services Centre at Discovery House in Devon, UK hosts an indicative fire test furnace, many cycling rigs, air and smoke leakage testing equipment, environmental chambers, an analytical laboratory, as well as a state-of-the-art, purpose-built acoustic transmission suite. The facilities are supported by experienced technicians and respected technical consultants who are equipped with extensive and diverse knowledge of regulations. The team can oversee the testing process from start to finish; from the construction of test specimens to the submission of a final test report.

Lorient’s brand new acoustic transmission suite, commissioned in 2013, features the latest Brüel & Kjær sound measurement technology. It has been specifically designed to test doors (single and double), and windows in accordance with BS EN ISO 10140. The fire resistance properties of many building materials can be tested in accordance with BS 476 Pt. 20 or EN 1363-1 using Lorient’s indicative fire test furnace. It has proven popular with customers for many years – helping to save substantial testing charges prior to costly full scale testing.

A remote, live video feed service is available for International clients who are unable to attend the day, allowing customers from around the World to be part of the test activity.

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