Lopi Fireplaces has introduced a smarter and more efficient way to light up wood heaters with the GreenStart ignition system.

Wood stoves and fireplaces are popular design elements in classic architecture but starting a wood fire using matches and newspapers can be a messy process. Lopi has revolutionised the ignition process for wood stoves with the GreenStart igniter, a technological innovation that gets the wood fire burning at the push of a button.

The GreenStart igniter works by instantly raising combustion temperatures within the stove, immediately establishing a draft, and eliminating the typical slow and smoky startup process. Reigniting the fire in the morning is as simple as pushing the GreenStart button - the coals on the ember bed will begin to glow red, allowing the fire to be relit quickly and easily without the need for kindling.

Lopi offers a versatile range of fireplaces from traditional gas log fires and freestanding slow combustion wood heaters to gas and wood fireplaces for more contemporary homes. These fireplaces are available at specialised Lopi stores in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and most areas in Australia.