Double sided gas fireplaces are increasingly trending in the Australian home design market with their ability to heat up two living zones at once.

Lopi Fireplaces has now introduced a new range of double sided gas fireplaces with unique features that make them the standout choice in the home heating market. The new Lopi 4415ST HO GS2 is a double sided fireplace delivering radiant and convection heat efficiently.

Incorporating all the features of the Lopi Linear Fireplace range including high heat output, GreenSmart 2 technology, ceramic glass for increased radiant heat, invisible safety screens, under-lighting and multimedia options, the latest range of double sided fireplaces from Lopi also features dual blowers allowing even distributed convection heat on both sides of the fireplace.

The highly flexible design of this new model allows the installer to direct all of the convection heat to one side of the fireplace.

The 4415ST HO GS2 has a huge viewing area and a heating capacity of up to 185sqm, making this fireplace the perfect heating solution for large or multiple connected rooms.