A double-sided gas fireplace from Lopi Fireplaces provides both heat and ambience to the split living areas of a new resort-style home in Sydney, NSW.

The team at Three Birds Renovations delivered the ultimate new build – an Australian staycation home located in the rural outskirts of Sydney’s North West.

Incorporating design elements from around the world, this stunning resort-style home features a split living area, which is conveniently heated by a single Lopi 4415ST HO GS2 unit. Lopi’s premium double-sided gas log fireplace allows for both living spaces to be comfortably heated at the same time.

Lopi 4415ST HO GS2 double-sided gas fireplace

  • Striking double sided fireplace featuring ceramic glass for increased radiant heat
  • Dual blowers that can be directed equally to both sides of the fireplace or adjusted to blow out of just one side for design flexibility*
  • Huge viewing area
  • Heating capacity of up to 185sqm** providing a heating solution for large or multiple connected rooms

* Direction of blowers must be set up at time of installation.

** Heating capacity varies according to the size of closed off area, ceiling height, floor plan, insulation and outside air temperature.