Jackloc window restrictors available from LokOtel Australia feature an innovative design that allows windows to be opened to a safe distance without a key.  

Jackloc window restrictors are ideal for the accommodation segment as they allow guests access to the windows without compromising on the safety aspect by eliminating all risks associated with open windows.  

With the accommodation sector having an increasing legal responsibility to its patrons to provide a safe and comfortable environment, properties with opening windows are faced with challenges on how to allow guests access to the windows while ensuring the window can be operated in a safe manner.  

Though some windows are supplied with a built-in restrictor, wear over a period of time causes the device to fail, creating risk of accidents.  

Jacklocs allow the windows to be opened without a key to a distance of 100mm, enabling the guest to safely use the window while simultaneously securing the open window against potential intruders.  

Over 500,000 Jackloc window restrictors are currently in operation worldwide.