Lockwood Australia 's iconic 001 has been securing homes in Australia for decades, and it has now become digital.

The 001Touch utilises the 001 deadlatch to secure the door internally but the external cylinder has been substituted with a stylish digital touch screen keypad, which is weather resistant and able to withstand most environments.

The 001Touch is operated with a pin code or key card, providing convenient keyless access for a wide range of applications.As the lock is now operated via a touch screen keypad there will no longer be a trace of pin codes. It can be programmed with pin codes ranging from 4 to 12 digits long, a great way to provide access to children or occupants that may be prone to losing keys regularly.

Up to 20 key cards can be programmed into the lock and can easily be removed individually.Additional features of the 001Touch keyless electronic deadlatch include:

  • Secure Mode - to minimise the chance of becoming locked inside the house
  • Low power consumption - enabling 10,000 operations with just one set of 4 x AA batteries
  • Master code - for the addition and deletion of users
  • User code that expires - a code can be programmed to last for anywhere between 3 to 366 hours
  • Cryptic code function – to prevent onlookers from identifying pin numbers
  • User codes and settings remain if batteries are removed
The keypad case is manufactured from high purity zinc alloy while the battering cover is made from ABS plastic. The latch includes a stainless steel 18mm projection and can be used on door measuring 32mm to 50mm thick.