Supra Portable Vehicle Mount S7 key safes, available from the Locks Galore webshop, offer key storage in a compact and attractive lock box.

Supra Auto Pro S& key safes easily slip easily over the car window and can be secured by rolling up the window, no tools are required.

These key safes are equipped with a stainless steel hanger and encased in rubber to protect the surface of the window.

Applications for Magnum Auto Pro S7 key safes include: 

  • Easy access for friends and family
  • Convenient key pickup when transferring vehicles
  • Supra Auto Pro S7 key safe is perfect for joggers, walkers, hiking, skiing or water sports you don't need to carry or hide your car keys
  • Auto service - the keys stay with the vehicle for servicing
  • Valet parking
  • Faceplate is attached to the key box with a rubber strap, this eliminates the problem of dropped or lost faceplates.
  • This is GE Supra's largest size KeySafe Auto lock box
These vehicle mount key safes have external dimensions measuring 140mm x 120mm x 75mm, including bracket, weigh just 1.7kg and are supplied in Black.