Available from the Locks Galore webshop, Ryobi 4550 Series industrial door closers are versatile and heavy duty.

Ryobi 4550 commercial door closers are fire rated and incorporate all season fluid to eliminate the need for seasonal adjustments. The door closers also feature fully adjustable closing and latching speed controls as well as a fully adjustable backcheck feature.

The door closer is power adjustable from 2 - 7 strengths, allowing adjustments with the closer to take door weights from 80kg up to 230kg. It is pre-set at a factory 4 setting.

These door closers are suitable for standard and parallel arm fixings with both arms supplied in the box, and can also be supplied with a hold open function arm as a separate part is necessary. However, this function does not allow the door closer to be fitted to a fire door.

Ryobi D4550 Series industrial door closers are non handed, meaning they can be used on left and right handed doors, and are available in a silver finish.