Ryobi 4550 series, available from Locks Galore , is a commercial door closer. The Ryobi 4550 door closer has the following features:

  • Fire rated
  • Power adjustable from 2 to 7 strengths. This allows adjustments with the one closer to take door weights from 80kg up to 230kg
  • Pre set at a factory
  • Suitable for standard and parallel arm fixings with both arms supplied in the box
  • Fully adjustable closing and latching speed controls
  • Fully adjustable backcheck feature
  • Non-handed
  • Hold open function arm is a separate part, if required (same as 3550). Using the hold open function does not allow it to be fitted to a fire door
  • Contains all season fluid to eliminate the need for seasonal adjustment
  • Available in finishes of silver

The Ryobi 4550 door closer is suitable for the following applications:

  • Closing power adjustment
  • Spring power adjustable according to door weight and width from 2 to 7 strengths
  • Factory preset size three standard installations

Closing force at the latch can be increased or decreased by changing the position of the frame arm on the foot bracket. This can be achieved with the foot bracket in position. A precise production for every component based on Ryobi's original quality control system realised higher efficiency of almost 80% at the average of all ranges and decreased opening resistance to the lowest for elderly and handicapped persons.

The Ryobi 4550 door closer can be used on both RH and LH doors for both push side and pull side mountings. The Ryobi 4550 door closer controls the door through the entire opening and closing cycles by providing adjustable backcheck upon opening and adjustable general and latch speed through the closing cycle.

A backcheck feature set is adjusted by an independent valve. When introduced, the backcheck stalls the opening of the door around 70 degrees. When doors are violently opened by pedestrians or wind, the backcheck feature reduces the likelihood of damage when contact is made with an adjacent wall or obstacle. The backcheck is suitable for busy doors in public buildings, schools and colleges, protecting people and property.

The Ryobi 4550 door closer has the following advantages:

  • All season fluid eliminates the need for seasonal adjustment
  • Optional hold-open available separately
  • The non-handed, optional hold open arm allows the door to be held open at any angles between 70 and 180 degrees
  • The cam and bearing type hold open mechanism ensures adequate hold open force by adjustable hold open force