Locks Galore  offers the L200 electronic cabinet locks on its webshop.

Designed to secure cabinets and cupboards, L200 electronic cabinet locks are user-friendly in operation and ideal for items that require additional protection. The red and blue LEDs indicate the status of the lock, which can be programmed easily.

The L200 electronic locks support unique access codes for up to 30 users. The memory is retained for codes and settings even when the batteries are removed. In the event of battery failure, external battery connections can be employed or the key override function concealed beneath the handle cap can be used.

Key features of L200 electronic cabinet locks: 

  • Programmable (timed) locking and unlocking functions
  • 30 user codes with unique access codes
  • Master and Sub Master codes
  • Passage mode where the lock can be left continuously unlocked
  • Single user code function ideal for gymnasiums or pool lockers
  • Concealed key override beneath turn knob, supplied with two keys
  • Codes and settings retained in memory even without batteries
  • External power connector provides peace of mind if batteries fail
  • Lock status indicated by red and blue LEDs
  • Easily retrofits in place of existing camlocks
  • Can be used on metal cabinets or with extension post doors up to 18mm thick