Newly available from Locks Galore , the LG205G mechanical digital lock is specifically designed for installation on frameless glass doors measuring 10mm to 12mm thick.

The LG205G digital glass door lock features second generation easy code change, meaning that only a screwdriver is necessary to turn the screw point from left to right to set a new code. This is a welcome improvement from first generation mechanical digital locks which required the lock body to be dismantled and code wafers swapped manually.

From the outside the lock is opened by entering the digital code and turning the lever handle, and from inside the lock is always free to exit by turning the lever handle.

The LG205G mechanical digital lock for glass doors features:

  • Simple code change function that does not require a locksmith
  • Mechanical digital lock does not require batteries or wiring
  • Soft grip rubber inlay lever handles
  • Latch features a deadlatch trigger for additional security 
  • Supplied with a glass frame strike and also a timber frame strike plate
  • Complete keyless operation meaning staff do not have to carry keys
  • Over 8000 codes to choose from
  • This lock is handed, select left or right handed
It should be noted that this digital lock is for new glass door installations and that the glass should be toughened and/or tempered before lock installation.

The lock is also designed to be installed and used on inward opening doors only.