Lockey 2835 keyless mechanical digital locksets, available from the Locks Galore , provide user friendly keyless security for most doors. These digital door locks are simple to install, weather resistant, and do not require wires, batteries or electricity.

Available in Satin Chrome, Teflon coated, marine grade, and saltwater environment finish, these digital door locks can be used for a number of external and interior applications, including front entry doors, closets, side garage doors, gates, residential entry doors, storage rooms, and interior doors.

Lockey 2835 can be set to remain unlocked with the passage function or can be set to lock every time the door closes. When set to passage function, the spring latch can move in and out freely to open the door without a code the same as a normal passage door handleset.

Key features and benefits of the Lockey 2835 keyless mechanical digital door locks include:

  • 60mm backset deadlocking spring latch 
  • Changeable handing for right or left hand doors 
  • Covers 54mm hole in doors from existing locks 
  • Interior and exterior lever handle
  • Reliable and durable 
  • Medium duty lever handle lock 
  • Single or double combinations available
  • Lock combination can be set to 2-7 digits in length