The Lockey 2500 Sliding door lock, available from Locks Galore , is suitable for homes, offices, holiday apartments and motel units. The Lockey 2500 is a mechanical digital sliding door lock and does not require batteries or wiring.

The the Lockey 2500 Sliding door lock has the following are features: 

  • Designed for sliding doors and gates.
  • Comes with different strike plates and allows for rim fitting or mortice fitting of the strike plate.
  • Easy installation; comes with all mounting instructions, brackets and trim plates.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Inside thumbturn is always free to exit.
  • No need to enter combination to lock; to unlock, enter correct 4 to 6 digit code and turn thumbwheel.
  • Dimensions: height - 142mm and width = 40mm.
  • Stainless steel lock bolt with 20mm projection.

The Lockey 2500 digital sliding door lock can be installed on doors from 25mm to 55mm thick. Digital sliding door locks are available in satin chrome or bright brass finishes.