KEEFREE electronic deadbolts, available from Locks Galore , offer keyless access and the security of a deadbolt.

The electronic deadbolt can be fitted to timber doors and is weather resistant so can be used on outdoor gates. The KEEFREE will fit in place of most standard deadbolts without the need to drill additional holes.

The electronic deadbolt can be opened and locked in 3 ways:

  • By the remote controls supplied
  • By the digital keypad
  • By key
KEEFREE electronic deadbolt features include: 

  • Anti theft and copy, rolling security code 
  • Keyless entry so no key required 
  • No special wiring required, uses 4 x AA batteries 
  • Weather resistant can be used outdoors 
  • Code control programming to add or delete users 
  • Up to 10 active keypad user codes 
  • A personalised code can be chosen by each family member 
  • Low battery alarm 
  • Program one remote control to open all different locations 
  • Easily provide a user code for temporary tradesman access and then simply delete 
  • Keypad buttons glow in the dark for easy night time access 
  • Remote control is user friendly for elderly and young children
  • Supplied with 2 remote controls, extra remotes available
The electronic deadbolt is available as a double cylinder deadbolt with a keyed lock on both sides and single cylinder deadbolt with a turnsnib on the inside, for easy exit.