Available from the Locks Galore webshop, the Ilco 044 performance series key duplicator is used for duplicating domestic, commercial and automotive cylinder keys.

This model is compatible with most generators and inverters with 500watt output and higher.

ILCO 044M semi automatic key machines are simple to operate and ideal for use in key cutting shops, or for real estate agents or schools.

ILCO key cutting machines are manufactured in America, are reliable and will provide years of faultless service.

Features of the ILCO 044 M key machines include:

  • 4 way jaws grip virtually any key without the need for adaptors, making this key cutting machine great for double sided keys 
  • The cover of the key machine has been updated with new styling and colour and is fire rated for strength, and has a solid unified base casting. 
  • Depth adjustment is accomplished using a dial type configuration which makes for easier calibration and accurate, repeatable results. 
  • The key machine is 6.4cm narrower than the 024b it replaces. The 044 key machine's size and styling ensures the machine doesn't appear oversized or excessively bulky. 
  • This key machine features an efficient 1/4hp. motor that operates with most generators and inverters of 500 watt or greater output, making them great for mobile applications 
  • Wide spacing between jaws allows for longer keys and those with long bows. The key cutting machine has a carriage stop that prevents accidental cutter contact