The ILCO 017 automatic key machine from Locks Galore provides fully automatic hands free key cutting.

The ILCO 017 automatic key machine automatically does the work once the keys are loaded. The ILCO 017 automatic key machine is an ideal machine for high volume, high traffic key duplicating.

The ILCO 017 automatic key machine reduces operator error in duplicating.

Following are the features of ILCO 017 automatic key machine:

  • Allows for handsfree cutting - load and align keys, press the start button, and the ILCO 017 begins to cut, tracing the key twice within 20 seconds
  • Designed to cut cylinder keys, including large bow hotel/motel keys and double sided car keys easily
  • Contains rod wipers to prevent brass chips from accumulating on the carriage shaft and two way reversible jaws for secure clamping
  • Equipped with four safety interlock switches, that provides a safe, quick, simple, dependable operation
  • Ideal for shops with semi skilled staff, with the ILCO 017 key machine they can safely and accurately cut keys with ease