Codelock CL525 heavy duty mortice lock, available from Locks Galore , come with key override and code free access options, suitable for commercial high use areas. Outside lever handle retracts the latch after a correct code is entered. The spring loaded latchbolt locks automatically when the door is closed.

Key retracts latchbolt for entry without using a code and controls deadbolt position. When deadbolt is projected it denies access by code. When deadbolt is projected the safety feature allows the inside lever handle to retract the deadbolt and the latchbolt, preventing people being accidentally locked in.

The Codelock CL525 heavy duty mortice lock features a code free access function on the keypad. In code free mode, the outside lever retracts the latchbolt without using a code.

The Codelock CL525 heavy duty mortice lock has the following specifications:

  • Door thickness: 35mm to 65mm
  • Spindle type: Two part 8mm spring loaded spindle
  • Body material: Zinc alloy
  • Non handed: Lock fits doors hung on the left or right
  • Mortice latch (520 and 525): Euro profile mortice sash lock with deadbolt and latchbolt

The Codelock CL525 heavy duty mortice lock has a double cylinder to control deadbolt and to retract latchbolt. With the deadbolt locked, it denies access to a code user. The key can be used to open doors for management functions such as security and cleaning. The split follower enables the inside lever to retract the deadbolt and latch to prevent accidental lock in when the deadbolt is thrown.

The Codelock CL525 heavy duty mortice lock comes with double euro profile cylinders with three keys. Neoprene seals are included on both sides to provide friction against the face of the door and to prevent damage from over tightening of the fixing bolts. The Codelock CL525 mortice lock’s outside lever handle has a slipping clutch to prevent damage to the lock if the handle is forced.