Available from the Locks Galore webshop, Abus Conlock Granit 215/100 shipping container locks are corrosion protected maximum security locks. The container locks are designed to protect most common shipping and storage containers against theft and vandalism. The container locks are also suitable for use on vans, gates, trailers and warehouse doors.

Abus Conlock Granit 215/100 shipping container locks have a hardened steel casing to protect the padlock from forced attack and to protect against the weather. A high security Granit Plus padlock then secures the door closed. These padlocks are designed with high security in mind and feature patented anti-pick Plus mechanisms and keys that can not be copied by conventional lock-smiths.

Abus 37RK/70 high security Granit padlock HB100 features: 

  • Disk cylinder padlock that offers high protection against manipulation 
  • The cylinder is inserted from the top, offering optimum drill and pull resistance 
  • The shackle and body are manufactured from hardened steel alloy and features an integral shackle guard to protect from attack with tools 
  • The shackle can be totally removed 
  • Securing sizeable objects (storerooms, containers, lorries) 
  • Securing objects with a high risk of theft 
  • Special requirements imposed by insurance companies 
  • Padlock Shackle Width: 29mm 
  • Shackle Height: 35mm 
  • Shackle Dia: 14mm 
  • Security level 10 / 10
Abus Conlock Granit 215/100 shipping container locks measure 205mm (W) x 150mm (H).