The perforated stock sheet from Locker Group are available in variety of materials and with hole patterns such as round holes, square holes, slotted holes, diamond holes, club and round, hexagonal holes. The large mesh from Locker Group are tough unyielding and cost-effective. The wide range of mesh sets a standard in expanded metal solutions. The large mesh from Locker Group is ideal for applications in balustrading, fencing and reinforcement.

The large mesh offered by Locker Group is available in variety starting from mild, titanium, stainless and galvanised steel, corrosion resistant aluminium, copper and nickel alloys and so on. The large mesh from Locker Group can be used in areas such as machinery guards, waste bins, display stands, car grilles, conveyor guarding, security screening, balustrade panels, anti glare screens, grain drying racks, sun screening, car park enclosures.

The Alu-Tread from Locker Group is tough walkway system that is designed especially for aggressive environment. Alu-Tread is used to safely access rooftops, access platforms, factory environments: all those hard to reach destinations it might otherwise be too dangerous to venture. Locker Group’s Alu-Tread is designed to be lightweight and easy to handle. They are also simple and quick to install.