Perforated metal panels from Locker Group were specified for the facade of the Porsche showroom in Brighton, Melbourne.

The main scope for this project was to create a facade for the showroom that matched other Porsche centres around Australia. Being very protective of their brand identity, Porsche closely monitored the design process and execution.

A key objective of the facade was to provide sunscreen protection to the vehicles situated in the external showroom. The screens would still allow natural daylight to flow through, ensuring an ideal environment for highlighting the vehicles’ assets.

Locker Group’s perforated metal was specified for the application. Chosen from Locker Group’s standard pattern range, the large panels, each manufactured with an inbuilt framing border, provide a modern look to the dealership. Locker Group worked closely with Exel-Links throughout the construction, providing samples and installation advice to ensure the client was satisfied with the final outcome.

The perforated metal was used to emphasise the facade of Porsche Brighton’s new showroom, while also acting as a sunscreen to protect the occupants and vehicles from the sun’s glare. The result is a clean and crisp finish, aligned with the brand identity of the prestigious vehicle manufacturer.

Locker Group perforated patterns allow air and light to flow through, while still providing suitable protection from the harsh sun. Locker Group’s perforated metal can also be used for balustrades, feature facades or any application where airflow is required.

Image: Porsche Brighton (Photography: Rob Burnett)