The diverse product range of Locker Group has been used in a broad range of applications to improve a building or facility’s aesthetics. However, several projects have used Locker Group’s architectural products to improve the experience of a building's inhabitants. Medical facilities, for instance, have benefitted from a range of products that are playing an important role in patient wellbeing.

Ensuring safety with handrails

Hospital managements all over the world are aware of the importance of integrating safety into building design, keeping in mind the wellbeing of their patients. Slips and falls are a common occurrence in hospitals, potentially risking patient health through injuries. The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare (ACSQHC) cites falls as one of the largest causes of harm to patients in care. This is due to the increased frailty and mobility issues that often come with periods of illness, combined with an unfamiliar setting.

One way to address the issue is through the installation of handrails that give patients who are unsteady on their feet, an added degree of stability as they walk between hospital departments or to and from the building.

Locker Group’s handrails are low maintenance and easy to install, and can provide hospitals and other medical facilities with improved safety, particularly for entrances and stairwells.

Shade provides comfort

In addition to safety, Locker Group can also help improve the in-patient experience by adding comfort during recuperation. In a country as intensely awash in sunlight as Australia, adequate shade and control of natural light are important aspects of ensuring relief for a building's occupants. A 2014 presentation by Polish architects from the Silesian University of Technology says selecting the appropriate sun protection for hospital windows has an impact on the patient's psychological wellbeing and the comfort of their hospital stay.

The Atmosphere facade system from Locker Group gives hospital windows the required shade by taking out the overbearing light and heat of daytime sun, without limiting natural light.

Atmosphere in a Sydney hospital application

The Atmosphere facade system was recently installed at Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital in the carpark area. Atmosphere facade panels were selected to screen the carpark, providing shade as well as acting as a pedestrian barrier for safety and security.

Locker Group was involved in the planning and design process from an early stage, working with the design team to provide a solution that achieved its aims with minimum cost and installation time. Though the scale of the project presented challenges, strong planning and attention to detail meant the installation was completed in just 10 days, with the design outcome meeting the expectations of both Locker Group and the hospital's builders.