Crowded business districts and city centres, shortage of good office space, and rising rents in continuously expanding cities are increasingly encouraging companies to relocate from the CBD to suburban areas.

This gradual shift in prime office location has freed income for reinvestment and given businesses the opportunity to develop visually stunning commercial offices in larger spaces. Locker Group supports this trend by offering a range of building materials and creative solutions for bold designer spaces.

3 ways to reinvent your office in suburban chic

Perforated metal sheets

Recommended for external facades on buildings, perforated metal sheets are multi-functional, durable and strikingly attractive, offering a signature identity to the office. Customisable in a variety of shapes and sizes, the metal sheets are perforated to precise client specifications to create stunning architectural designs. For instance, a company’s identifying graphics or logo can be creatively integrated into the very design of the office. It can be a distinct feature in a reception area, while providing partial screening for privacy; or it can be integrated into the structure of the building, including in staircases and alcoves.

Transit curtains

Ideal for stylishly subdividing spaces in an open-plan office, transit curtains allow unrestricted flow of light and air throughout the workspace, while still maintaining privacy between separate work areas. Being removable and adjustable, the curtains offer the flexibility to be reused in the event the office is expanded or the layout is changed. Transit curtains are also perfect for fixing to a wall or ceiling to hide unsightly ducts and electrical cabling. The chains can be made from a variety of metals to different lengths and thicknesses, giving the customer true control over how they want to use their space.

Expanded metal mesh

Expanded metal mesh is becoming increasingly popular with designers who want to give an inventive industrial edge to their commercial projects. Delivering lighting as well as privacy, the mesh panels can be made and coloured to the client’s specifications. Smaller mesh gaps can be used to block light on building facades or external areas, minimising sun glare and heat, while larger gaps encourage light-flooded spaces indoors. Smaller gaps also allow greater privacy between open spaces, while larger gaps encourage a transparent semi-open plan feel.

Innovating office spaces

Whatever the specifications, Locker Group offers numerous options for specific needs when creating innovative and architecturally winning designs. Give your suburban commercial space an elegant big-city vibe by contacting Locker Group today.