Building projects may occasionally use construction materials of inferior quality to save money. While this may reflect well on a budget sheet, the consequences can be deadly. The recent Grenfell Tower fire in London, which claimed the lives of dozens of residents, was blamed on the use of cheap, combustible cladding on the building.

Even in Australia, a series of spontaneously exploding glass balconies in Melbourne apartments highlighted the increasing use of cheap imported materials in building construction. To address the issue of product quality, the Australian Building Codes Board recently launched a new website to help people understand the building code and the importance of product safety, according to a Housing Industry Association release.

HIA Chief Executive of Industry Policy Kristin Brookfield observed that it was important for everyone in the building product supply chain, and not just the builders, to take responsibility for checking product quality.

Locker Group specialises in architectural solutions that are carefully designed and rigorously tested to meet stringent Australian safety and quality standards.


Combining innovative visual appeal with unrivalled architectural functionality, Locker Group’s architectural solutions have been widely used in installations and buildings nationwide, notably at the Float Art Project in Sydney and the La Trobe University Dining Hall in Melbourne.

Metal facade sheets from Locker Group help create striking building exteriors and also provide screening from the sun and maintain air flow. The internal facade options are custom designed and easily installed to enhance visual appeal while creating spaces that can be flexibly redesigned anytime. All products are made from strengthened steel, copper and aluminium, and meticulously tested to meet Australian standards.


Substandard materials used in heavy industry can result in expensive breakdowns and cause injuries to workers. Locker Group’s industrial range includes everything from grip-designed and durable metal flooring to robust conveyor belts and roof walkway kits for safety when working at heights.

Locker Group’s metal sheets and wire meshes are able to resist the extreme temperatures and rigours of industry, ensuring complete process efficiency during production, and can also be custom designed to user specifications.

Mining and Quarrying

Australian mines and quarries have been relying for years on Locker Group’s quality products that are rigorously tested to meet extreme conditions. Exposed to roaring heat, high pressure and constant abrasion in end applications, these construction products are designed to be as strong as they are functional.

Locker Group’s product range for mining and quarrying applications includes screen meshes and machine accessories made from a variety of materials including mild steel, rubber and other durable materials requiring minimal need for maintenance or cleaning.

Failure to meet safety standards for equipment and products in mining and quarrying can be catastrophic. Using construction products that meet Australian standards will be less costly in the long run, after considering the time-consuming maintenance and repair of inferior construction products.

Locker Group products have been industry-certified and Standards compliant since 1956.