Interior design company Futurespace added a unique feature to the Sydney office of global accounting and consultancy firm PwC using woven wire from Locker Group.

PwC engaged Futurespace for the interior design of their office. Futurespace Design Director, Gavin Harris explained how the Futurespace team looked at hospitality, branded airport lounges, and other types of co-creation spaces to inform the way that the PwC customer experience would need to function.

The gold ceiling was incorporated into the design to achieve the desired unique look that would impress every visitor. It was created using Locker Group’s Planar 441 woven wire as a ribbon that wound its way through the space and connected everything together. The wire is visually striking, particularly where it dips and becomes a shield for the window of the foyer, creating an impressive effect.

Gavin and his team had an idea early in the design process about using a material that would render the ceiling a transparent gold. The downward curve of the wire against the foyer window was something the team had hoped to implement early on, believing it to be a strong welcoming statement that was both interesting and inviting.

The designers found the right woven wire product in Locker Group's Planar 441, which offered the correct balance of reflectivity and transparency without sacrificing lighting, sound or aesthetics. It was ideally suited as the consistent texture between the shielding in the foyer and the ceiling panels, lighting the way for PwC clients. Futurespace teamed up with Civardi Furniture, a specialist joinery manufacturer dedicated to pushing the boundaries of materials and design, to create the woven wire feature.

Implementing the woven wire ceiling feature was not without its challenges. There were concerns initially about how the feature would be mounted, and whether it would negatively impact the lighting, sprinklers and fire alarms as well as the acoustics. It was also important that these essential fixtures didn't detract from the metal's beauty. With proof of concept coming from Civardi, the panels could be installed using a supporting spring line.

Thanks to the collaboration between the Futurespace design team and the specialists from Civardi, Locker Group's Planar 441 woven mesh panels create a strong impression from the very moment a client enters the building.