Integrating windows into the architectural plan of a new home needs considerable thought because this decision will influence several aspects of the built structure including cost, appearance, function and energy efficiency. For instance, what would be the impact of architectural choices such as using stainless steel instead of aluminium for the window’s framework?

Windows have a surprising amount of impact on the liveability of the home or office based on the architectural products used to build them. For instance, using stainless steel gives windows a strong, bold profile that makes them appear sleek and seamless. Beyond the obvious aesthetic appeal, sturdy materials such as steel enable the building to be more resilient against the elements.

The flow of hot and cold air into the building will influence the indoor temperature and air quality, which in turn will determine how much heating and/or air-conditioning is needed. The structure of the window will dictate airflow. Installing the right screening media to keep heat and wind under control will keep energy costs to a minimum. Performing a cost-benefit analysis during the building process would help one choose the most appropriate material for the application.

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