An effective façade is one that can transform the outer appearance of a new building, give a tired exterior a facelift or simply bring an old building into the modern age.

However, the role of a façade extends beyond simple aesthetics. For instance, choosing the right façade material can reduce the intensity of heat entering the building, thereby lowering energy consumption in air conditioning systems. Similarly, façades that reduce solar glare without impacting the view outside can help increase employee productivity.

Locker Group offers a range of innovative façade designs to suit numerous applications. Here are three products that offer standout solutions for any façade application.


Locker Group’s Atmosphere façade system consists of perforated panels that allow the entry of natural light without the uncomfortable glare that can impact productivity, especially among those working on computers.

Specifically designed to combat solar glare, Atmosphere’s perforated panels provide workers inside the building a clear view of the outside environment. Atmosphere’s folded steel panels feature different sized perforations on the top and bottom face, simultaneously reducing the amount of solar radiation entering an office while maximising vision to the outside.

An additional advantage of Atmosphere’s ability to reduce the amount of sunlight is the corresponding reduction in heat that can be achieved: With less radiation entering the interior, less energy is required to cool the building. During a period of peak sunlight, such as the height of summer, this can translate to serious energy savings.

A building featuring Atmosphere panels can reduce the amount of solar radiation hitting the glass by around 70 per cent; this can translate into as much as a 40 per cent reduction in energy costs.

Pic Perf

A façade solution that combines function with artistry, Pic Perf helps transform blank walls into a work of designer art. Especially recommended for buildings seeking a makeover, Pic Perf is a technique that adds a design to an existing façade such as Atmosphere. Though it projects the illusion of a single artistic image created from hundreds and thousands of punched holes, the perforated panels function like a regular facade providing airflow, vision and shade protection. Using Pic Perf will also see similar reductions in energy expenditure. Pic Perf is also suitable for internal features and can be customised with any image to suit.

Expanded metal

Expanded metal from Locker Group prevents the harsh glare of sunlight and has versatile application in car park enclosures, security screening, plant screens, balustrade panels and privacy screens. In external applications, expanded metal gives an industrial look to the building exterior.

The function and versatility of metal façades is an effective and economical option for the renovation of a building’s exterior. Locker Group works closely with architects and designers to come up with creative solutions to construction requirements, ranging from solar heat and glare control to turning a building’s exterior into a giant logo.