Anro Floor Care specialises in sanding and oiling floors in Melbourne. Having trialled many coating and staining systems over a decade of operation, they have decided to use only Livos products.

Products from LIVOS Australia are being selected by many schools and councils for their timber floors. Ease of maintenance of finished timber floors is the primary reason why Livos products are popular in these segments.

Floors with a Livos finish can be easily rejuvenated without the need for sanding. This allows most schools to carry out the maintenance themselves without contracting it out, thereby saving money for the school.

Additionally, being plant-based, Livos’ finishes offer a sustainable and safe option for schools as no toxins are added to the indoor environment.

Many so-called ‘green’ buildings only incorporate specific sustainable features that would allow the construction to be classified into a category required by certain building codes. While a lot of thought goes into the selection of building materials to construct the shell of the home, there’s very little focus on the final finishes for many reasons such as the long process of building, depletion of funds and conflicting information to name a few.

However, the choice of finishing products such as paints and floor coatings can have the biggest impact on the residents’ health. It’s therefore important to set aside some time for the selection of the right finishes for the project; it would not only maintain the ecological value of the project but also the health of the occupants.