Paints and finishes from LIVOS Australia offer healthy and environmentally responsible choices when it comes to choosing construction materials for your building. For a truly sustainable design, one should consider the environmental impact of all construction materials used in the build.

Not only does Livos manufacture environmentally sustainable products, but the company is also committed to helping people live more sustainably by assisting architects and designers, demonstrating to tradespeople and educating homeowners about their options for healthy, environmentally responsible living.

Your choice of building materials and coatings will have long-term ramifications at many levels.


Even if your home is based on a sustainable design, it may not necessarily be a healthy space. For instance, some paints are formulated keeping VOC concerns in mind and may not have the typical paint odour. Have you wondered what additives have been used to mask the smell? Many paints continue to release gas weeks and months after the coating has dried, raising questions about their formulation.

Embodied energy

Embodied energy is the total sum of energy required to manufacture a product. The more natural a product is, the less it is processed, which means less energy and water usage in its manufacture. For instance, products made out of renewable raw materials are completely safe for the environment and the substrate they are used on can be safely reused, recycled or composted.


Any finished surface should look good, last long and deliver assured performance. How can the finished appearance be maintained without having to redo the entire process including re-sanding the varnished surface?

Livos’ paints and finishes are natural non-toxic products manufactured under the Rudolf Steiner principle of using renewable raw materials and formulated to reduce the environmental footprint. Make Livos a part of your sustainable home for good health and great savings.