Lisus Technology  offers wide variety of handrails including frameless glass boundary, wall mounted handrail, top fixed balustrade, exposed fitting side fixed balustrade and concealed fitting side fixed balustrade.

Lisus Technology offers simple and stylish handrail systems that are secure and easy to install. The frameless glass balustrade is designed for easy mounting and is slim and elegant.

Lisus Technology offers glass connectors including corner connector that is a multi-directional adjustable device and is used by connecting the glass to floor, wall and ceiling. This glass corner can be easily adjusted and is ideal for quick corners and can be quickly installed.

Lisus Technology offers versatile and elegant interior connectors that can suit many different angles and glass sizes. The fin connectors provided by Lisus Technology is used to connect three pieces of glass together and also forms a supporting structure.

The fin connector is fully adjustable and can be quickly installed. The single point connector caters to the requirements of uneven floors and walls and is used for marble walls, glass walls and also to provide a supporting frame to signage. Lisus Technology offers adjustable fin connector that has a uncomplicated design and is fully adjustable.