Australia’s leading supplier of cabinet hardware, Lincoln Sentry sheds light on kitchen trends based on the products showcased at the recent Eurocucina exhibition (part of Salone del Mobile, Milano).

Innovative lighting and highly creative storage solutions were two of the strongest trends at the exhibition that showcased the very latest in international kitchen design and appliances.

According to Lincoln Sentry, the innovations on display at Eurocucina will revolutionise modern kitchens in terms of design ethos and the ergonomics of even the smallest of food preparation spaces; both these features are already starting to appear in Australian kitchens.

Lighting will be one of the key considerations when planning a kitchen with clever, unobtrusive, energy efficient, increasingly affordable lighting devices being used inside drawers and cupboards, under kickboards, in cornices and under overhead cupboards to create highly personalised task and mood lighting.

Alicia Draper, program manager, Lincoln Sentry observes this is a design trend that consumers will readily embrace, both for the dramatic effect it will have on the overall kitchen experience and the easy installation of such a game-changing addition.

Products at the forefront of this trend are the LED Q-Pad, Stick 2 and Cove lights from Hera specifically designed for customised illumination of everything from drawer and cupboard interiors to undermounted kickboards and overhead cupboards and even ceiling and wall cavities. Each light is low voltage (24V), offers long life (minimum 30,000 hours) and features integrated motion sensor switches. Power consumption is negligible, while the lights themselves will outlast the life of the kitchen.

Storage has become smarter with the addition of customised internal organisation of drawers and pantries. New storage concepts can create up to 55 per cent more storage space by virtue of smart accessories to accommodate every kitchen implement and product from knives and cutlery to spices, plates, foil and film. Blum’s ORGA-LINE creates a designated space for all kitchen items, ensuring every centimetre of space is fully utilised including hard-to-reach corners and deep, previously inaccessible cupboards.

Blum innovations that will feature prominently in modern kitchens include the TANDEMBOX intivo and antaro customised drawers providing storage options designed for difficult areas such as pantries, corners and under the sink.