Under the industrial products division of Lincoln Sentry , a wide range of foam products, adhesive tape products and automotive body hardware and gas struts are available. This division is suitable for high volume orders; customers can consult their local branch of Lincoln Sentry for details.

The product categories under industrial products include foam products, gas struts and truck body hardware. Each category has its various products like under gas struts, standard struts, gas strut fittings, locking struts and gas strut brackets of stainless steel.

Products under the foam category are adhesive foam tapes, form shield and acoustic foams to list a few. The SoundTuf 4630- black Urethane model is available under acoustic foam. This is coated with black urethane and is suitable for the transport industry. These acoustic foams are generally used in industrial applications like generator sets and coaches.

SoundLam $620-Mylar is acoustic foam which is a Mylar coated acoustic urethane. This is commonly used in protected environments and marine industry.

SoundBar 4650- Floor Mat is yet another product in the acoustic foam category. This product is ideal for bulkhead lining, tractor and truck cabin floors. Another product under foam is form shield, which offers several benefits like thermal conductivity, fire hazard rating and acoustical properties.