LINAK Australia  offer most of their desk lifts in white as a standard. The same applies to LINAK Australia’s new series of desk panels. The white design allows desks to fit into even more environments.

The new standard colour option counts for the DL4, DL5, DL6, DL8, DL9, DL10 and DL11. As an additional benefit the DL8, DL9, DL10 and DL11 gliding pads are available in white as well.

Desk panels follow the white trend
LINAK Australia retain maximum functionality, but height-adjustable desks and work tables now have the option to become a bit more stylish.

The neutral white design makes it possible, as it widens the scope of designers’ possibilities, regardless if the wish is to fit surroundings, tabletops or both. The desk panel series DPT and DPH are available in white, while variety is even allowed for by means of changeable front covers. New desk panel series will be launched with white as a standard option.