LINAK Australia  is pleased to announce that their website has been entirely redesigned to provide a useful source of information on innovative linear actuator solutions for numerous industries.

The new LINAK website offers significantly improved navigation and usability for technically minded visitors and those that have a general interest in intelligently controlled motion.

The website’s redesign was a direct result of results from extensive surveys among customers within each of LINAK’s five strategic business areas. Most of the customers in all areas perceived the company as a solutions provider and valued sparring partner, whereas the old website gave the company the appearance of a traditional supplier of electric linear actuators.

LINAK’s focus on innovative solutions to help improve the working environment and the quality of life for people within a number of very different areas is reflected in the new website.

Whether the visitor requires a solution for heavy machinery and equipment, a sophisticated sit-stand desk or maybe an intelligent hospital bed, the new website design quickly points the visitor in the right direction.

The new LINAK website offers improved usability and navigation as well as being enhanced with a number of 2D and 3D illustrations and animations to demonstrate the versatility of electric linear actuators.