LINAK Australia presents the TWINDRIVE system with an optional parallel drive that allows two single beds with one common mattress pad to be run in parallel regardless of differing weights of the users.    

The TWINDRIVE parallel drive system has been developed in response to increasing demand from end-users.    

LINAK offers true parallel where the beds are physically connected via a cable, but can be controlled by individual handsets allowing the beds to be moved at the same speed as one bed regardless of the weight of the users. 

The TD3 TWINDRIVE parallel drive is a modular system designed for leisure beds and satisfies the need for additional force in addition to more value-adding features such as radio frequency handsets and extra comfort for the end user via different accessory options.

TWINDRIVE accessories

LINAK TWINDRIVE accessories are designed to add value to the bed. The accessories are compact units taking up limited space and are very easy to mount. Accessories are available for Under Bed Light (a low night-time light) or massage motors for comfort and relaxation before sleep.