A new electric linear actuator is on the market. Carefully refined, the LA35 solves a number of challenges met in extreme conditions.

Among solutions squeezed into the LA35 actuator by the Techline engineers at LINAK A/S are the following.

Mounting and installation have become easier, as electronics are now integrated in the actuator housing. This provide end-users with several benefits compared to ordinary actuators.

It is no less than a new standard for electric linear movement. It is no longer necessary to trouble end-users with the mounting of special control boxes or electronics between their control and the LA35.

Moreover, the integrated electronics fulfil a number of safety precautions that protects both the actuator and the customers´ applications as well. The end user therefore saves time.

Another improvement is the possibility of potential free signal switches for detection of inner and outer positions.

The LA35 is permanently robust

Speaking about lifetime, as the LA35 actuator is a member of the Techline family, it is generally designed to operate under extreme indoor and outdoor conditions.

This ability has been further enhanced by designing the actuator housing in heavy-duty aluminium with a surface treatment that handles several environments.

The lifetime of the LA35 has been improved by the introduction of a non-contact potentiometer.

Targeted at industry, ingress protection is a high priority and has been incorporated into the LA35. It has an IP 66 protection class for outdoor use (dynamic) and can be washed down by a high pressure cleaner (IP 69K – static).

Ideal for off-highway equipment

The LA35 actuator is suitable for mobile off-highway equipment such as agricultural, forestry and construction machines and moves up to 6000N in push and 4000N in pull.

Concluding, the LA35 actuator is a quiet and powerful actuator that faces a number of challenges of the industry and it is designed for a variety of applications for both indoor and outdoor use.