LINAK Australia  have launched the LINAK OPENBUS Under Bed Light. It features:

  • Prevents falling accidents
  • Makes it safe and easy for patients to find the way back to bed at night
  • Prevents disturbance of other patients
  • Provides easy access through the control
Falls can be prevented by simply giving patients easy access to a discreet light. Patients can head towards the light under the door. If finding their way back to bed again is difficult for the patients, the LINAK OPENBUS UnderBed Light, can provide easy and safe navigation assistance. This discreet light is placed under the bed, so when there are several patients in a ward, other patients are not disturbed. 

The Under Bed Light is able to save the nurse’s time, as it is not necessary for the patients to call them to have the light switched on when getting up at night. The Under Bed Light is easily switched on and off as the switch is mounted on the control at the patient’s fingertips.