LINAK Australia  have provided actuator solutions for La Poste to reduce their burden in post sorting.

French La Poste wanted to improve posture and ergonomics of their postal workers by designing new work stations for mail sorting.

The work stations delivered by their partner ACIAL include two actuator solutions. With the new work stations, La Poste now expect the illness absence of postal workers to decrease because of reduced injury.

These new solutions bring La Poste into the forefront in facing a liberalized EU postal market entering into force in a few years.

Obviously, La Poste will raise efficiency and at the same time lower the burdens of postal workers.

The work station consists of a table that needed to be height adjustable. Above it are the shelves used for sorting letters.

In the afternoon and evening letters are sorted horizontally according to postcode, while in the morning they are sorted vertically according to streets and post rounds. The fixed shelves are vertical and used in the morning.

As horizontally directed shelves are needed to sort the collected mail, the actuator solution makes it possible to roll down a set of additional shelves allowing horizontal sorting.

The blind like additional shelves are fixed on two Deskline motor shafts, available from LINAK Australia, controlled by the same CBD4 that controls the tabletop.

The table itself needs to carry a weight of up to 400kg. The weight challenge is solved by means of two LA31 actuators mounted next to two stabilising columns with ball bearings inside. The columns are from the classical Desklift type DL1.

The postal worker will usually sit down after the sorting to do some necessary aftercare. This just adds further reason to the ergonomically advantageous and height adjustable work station of La Poste.