LINAK Australia  presents the LA37 actuators, specifically designed for tough applications in harsh outdoor conditions.

Offering greater holding force, lifting capacity and lifespan with minimal maintenance requirement, LA37 actuators are especially suitable for use with solar trackers. 

For solar trackers, these features mean larger surfaces, longer lifetime, fewer maintenance costs, lower price per kWh produced and ultimately a better return on investment. Additionally, the LA37’s MODBUS RTU serial communication protocol enables several trackers to be connected by a single data line, eliminating the need for many signal cables.

Key features of LINAK LA37 actuators:

  • Static holding force of up to 45 kN
  • Embedded electronics and feedback including HALL pulses or MODBUS RTU
  • Lifetime of up to 20 years
  • 5-year warranty for solar applications
  • Heavy-duty aluminium housing for harsh conditions
  • Speed of up to 3.5 mm/sec
  • Integrated brake
  • High self-locking ability
  • IP66 tested
  • In-built iFLEX technology