LINAK Australia  is pleased to announce the new and intelligent patient lifting system, JUMBO Care. The JUMBO Care patient lifting system incorporates an intelligent service monitoring system that ensures improved performance whilst maximising patient safety.

The lifting systems feature a control box that stores operational data and provides service interval and fault diagnostic feedback. This system is easy to use and takes the guess work out of servicing.

JUMBO Care patient lifts are operated via the new HD80 handset. The intelligent handset features battery status, service display and overload alerts. These features ensure safe and efficient lifting with easy to read displays.

There are two types of JUMBO Care available from LINAK Australia:

JUMBO Care with diodes which incorporated:

  • Data collection in the control box 
  • Possibility to read out service data on laptop 
  • Work counter 
  • Intelligent cycle counter (only counting when there is load on the lift) 
  • Service Indicator (alerting when servicing is due) 
  • Possibility to reprogram service interval easily 
  • Push Button Override
JUMBO Care with LED display features the same benefits as the JUMBO Care with Diodes, with the display version also having:
  • Digital Display which shows:
    • Total Number of Cycles
    • Work done by actuator
    • Incidents of Overload
    • Number of days til next service
    • Battery Status
    • Tells when battery is charging
  • Learn mode for current cut-off (easy registration of max weight)