LINAK Australia offers the DL lifting column for technical workstations, work benches and many other applications that require height adjustments.

The DL2 lifting columns are compact with a mounting friendly design. Unlike its predecessors, the DL2 lifting columns’ one column feature offers a combination of high speed and optimum design, which provides the user more freedom and flexibility.

Each of the DL2 lifting columns are fitted with a 740 mm ± 60 mm straight black cable, as well as an 8-pole AMP plug or 100mm mini-fit cable.

The lifting columns also feature a modified LA31 actuator, which is available in two versions, specifically for desk applications.

Features of the DL2 lifting columns:

  • Low noise level
  • Thrusts up to 2500 N per DL2
  • Speeds up to 34 mmls unloaded
  • Built-in limit switches
  • Dynamic bending moment
  • Approved according to EN60335-1
The DL2 lifting columns, from LINAK Australia, are available in natural anodized aluminium profiles with black painted end plates.