LINAK Australia introduces the small but powerful range of LA23 actuators with new optional features that ensure precise positioning, increased safety and multipurpose usage. The compact actuators require very little space for installation.

Precise positioning is very important when more actuators run at the same time or in different patterns of movement. The LINAK Hall Potentiometer positioning system provides precise positioning for the actuator without mechanical wear, ensuring an extended lifetime.  

An in-built spline function in the LA23 actuators optimises safety and prevents squeezing by preventing the actuator from pulling if it meets any resistance.  

The IP66 Dynamic option increases the flexibility of the actuators, enabling their use in dusty, humid and other challenging environments.

Measuring only 43mm in width and 85mm in height, the LA23 actuators can easily be installed into different applications without taking up too much space. The actuator’s low weight and low energy consumption supports its usability in mobile applications.  

Despite its small size and low weight, the actuator has high lifting power and can push or pull up to 2500 Newton.