Lighthouse Bollards & Caps has an impressive variety of bollards to service many uses. The flexible bollard is polyethylene (80UV stabilised), a versatile and hard wearing product. The flexible bollards come in 2 types, a flexible post with a height of 1100mm and diameter of 60mm and a flexible bollard with a height of 1200mm and diameter of 110mm both are flexible to 90 degrees.

Rebound sight bollards are reflective lane dividers which return to their original shape after every impact, the rebound sight bollards come in 3 heights, 750mm 450mm and 300mm all with a base diameter of 200mm.

Steel flexible guide posts are 1000mm in height and are made from 1.2mm flexible steel which is designed and engineered to return to vertical after vehicle impact. The fully flexible surface mounted hinge is made from durable UV stabilised polyurethane.