Various lighting products are offered by Lightech Australia under categories like fibre optic lighting, LED lighting and lighting control. The products included in fibre optic lighting are fibre optic fundamentals, fibre optic control, fibre optic cables, fibre optic cable specs and fibre optic light sources.

LED lighting has LED lighting fundamentals, LED control, LED strips and LED fixtures. Products under lighting control are Dynalite and system integration. 

Various lighting effects are created by fibre optics which are unmatched by any other lighting technology. The effects and applications of fibre optics are boundless, whether it is subtle or extreme and these are limited only by the expectations and imaginations of people. Fibre optics are energy-efficient, safe and cost-effective.

LEDS are semi-conductor devices by which electronic energy is directly converted in to energy-efficient cold light. As LEDs are electronic devices, these do not require any maintenance and have an inherently long life of about ten thousand hours. LED lighting is available in a wide range of different colours and an entire spectrum of colours can be produced by a combination of red, blue and green, which results in thousands of colours similar to a TV screen.