Lifetime Industries have just released a new heavy duty folding marquee – the ‘Titan’.

This is an extremely strong folding marquee, according to Lifetime. It is 3 x 3m and comes with a white 400 gsm PVC fabric – roof. Walls and gutters of the same strength are optional extras which can be attached using the integral continuous velcro strip.

Legs and crown support are manufactured from 41mm and 35mm square x 1.8mm aluminium tube, while the ribs are made from 41 x 20 x 1.8mm oval aluminium tube. All brackets are metal, with no plastic used.

Large square zinc plated steel feet (150 x 150 x 4mm) with large diameter holes allow for secure pegging and bolting down.

This structure is one of the strongest on the market and is suitable for the most rigorous of use.

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