The Versaline retractable clothes line is the new age in clothes line and washing line technology, and is made in Australia by Versaline clothes lines. Versaline has released their latest models, the Versaline Broadline Stainless Steel and Versaline Slimline Stainless Steel.

The Versaline Broadline has six lines and can be installed at any length up to five metres, giving a line space of up to 30 metres. The Versaline Slimline has four lines and can also be installed at any length up to 5 metres, with a maximum line space of 20 metres.

Versaline clothes lines are completely removable from their mounting brackets or can be folded in flat against the wall when not required. The new Stainless steel models are for harsh conditions, such as homes close to the sea or other places with demanding weather conditions.

All Versaline models are available through Lifestyle Clotheslines and can be shipped to any destination through out the world.