Lifestyle Clotheslines now has a new range of clothes line covers available for all rotary clothes lines, both big and small. Clothes line covers are now available for both folding head clothes lines and the old style of fixed head clothes lines and washing lines.

For the old Hills Hoist style of clothes line there is a specifically designed Hills clothes line cover which allows for easy installation and removal of the clothes line covers on all Hills clothes line models. The new clothes line cover style and designs available through Lifestyle Clotheslines, allows for the complete transformation of the clothes line into a stylish garden accessory.

With the use of a clothes line cover the clothesline is turned into a giant umbrella which allows for some cool summer dining or a large shaded area for kids to play safely under. As most clothes lines and washing lines are concreted into the ground, there is no way kids can pull over or climb up and topple them over which has been a problem with some umbrella setups in the past.

The clothes line cover is attached to the clothes line using a unique draw string system which allows for the cover to be installed or removed in just a matter of minutes. Clothes and washing can still be hung easily on the clothes line at anytime, with the covers also providing high UV resistance which helps to extend the life clothes.

Being both waterproof and UV resistant, the new range of clothes line covers are often a cheap alternative to the much more expensive option of installing a shade sail or shade structure.

Clothes line covers are not recommended for permanent use as they can cause damage to clothes lines in high wind situations, with warranties being declared void by clothes line manufactures in these types of situations.

At present clothes line covers are made from a high quality nylon material called nylon taffeta, which has a high UV resistance and comes with a silver backing. Covers made from nylon taffeta are currently only available in the colour emerald green, with covers coloured white and heritage green available in the near future.

Shade cloth clothes line covers will be available early next year which will provide another option for people who are looking for a clothes line cover to keep bird droppings, fruit tree stains and general air borne stains off their clothes.