Customers who demand high quality from their shutters will love Lifestyle Blinds & Shutters elegant Normandy Shutters range, each handmade from premium hardwood and finished with a range of soft neutral colours. These shutters will make a lasting impression on your home.

Each shutter in the Normandy range will be custom made and unique to each home, reflecting the customers personal taste. Together with the premium hardwood, the shutters also feature durable mortise and tenon construction, sophisticated finishes, and distinct designs.

The benefits of Normandy Shutters are numerous. The craftsmen who create each shutter have been following the same methods for thirty years. The select woods are tight grain which means they are durable, designed for long term stability and have a uniformed appearance. The stainless steel fasteners are corrosion resistant. Recessed magnets are used for aesthetic reasons and are hidden, unlike bulky bolt-on magnets. Finally, mortise and tenon joints are used as they are structurally superior and withstand tension.

Lifestyle Blinds & Shutters offer a two year manufacturers warranty however these shutters are designed to last. Additional extras are offered to personalise the customers Normandy Shutters and ensure they reflect and compliment the living space where they are installed.