Scientific research into nano technology has resulted in significant new advances in blind fabric. Nanotechnology is the ability to measure, see, manipulate and manufacture things that are the size of a DNA. Lifestyle Blinds & Shutters have been able to apply this technique to manufacture specific blind fabrics.

Lifestyle Blinds & Shutters’ i-on balance range of blind fabrics offers the following eight benefits as a result of nano built-in:

Negative ions: After a walk along the beach, a visit to a waterfall or a hike in the mountains, one feels energised. This is not the result of fresh air and exercise that calm or promote good sleep. Fresh, unpolluted air is packed with negative ions, which enter the blood stream through the lungs, resulting in a natural boost and balancing of the body. The i-on balance fabric range has been tested and shown to emit negative ions that are beneficial for health.

  • Anti bacterial: Scientific testing of this fabric has shown a 99.9% reduction in staphylococcus aureus when exposed to i-on balance fabric for 24 hours.

  • Anti Dust Mite: The i-on balance fabric has been tested against six kinds of mites, including house mites, with results showing an 80% reduction of mites when exposed to this fabric.

  • Anti Mould: The i-on balance fabric was exposed to five different moulds for 21 days with no growth on the specimen.

  • Deodorisation: Ammonium hydroxide has a pungent odour and can cause ill health. The i-on balance fabric was able to deodorise it by 50% within 24 hours.

  • EM Wave Block: Electromagnetic waves pose a possible health risk and the use of the i-on balance material reduced exposure by greater than 50%.

  • UV Block: Using the i-on balance fabric reduced UV exposure by 80%.

  • Flame Retardant: The i-on balance fabric has been tested for having flame retardant properties.