Lifestyle BBQs  for Australia are mostly manufactured in China. As the Australian market is comparatively smaller, manufacturers in China are unwilling to make special production runs for Australia and offer the same BBQs that they are already making for Europe and North America.

What it means for the local BBQ enthusiast is,

Less solid hotplate and more grills:

In the US, people use BBQs only a few times a year, and it’s always steaks or a roast. Australians have always loved a good solid hotplate, because they cook a lot of seafood not to mention the great Aussie tradition of a sausage sizzle.

Less heat output: 

When quality materials are not used in the construction of BBQs, they tend to reduce heat output to cater for the weakness in the materials. Having high heat output when required allows users to cook food items like marinated prawns in a few minutes.

Many of the available BBQs will not reach a minimum level for cooking unless the roasting hood is closed.

Short lifespan in coastal conditions:

For people who live close to the coast, anything less than 304 grade stainless steel won’t last longer.

If what users’ need is an Australian made BBQ that delivers optimal performance and durability, then Lifestyle Barbeques can offer better options.

Lifestyle BBQ, with over 34 years of experience in the manufacturing of gas BBQs, meets the demands of Aussie BBQ users.