Lietzke Australia  specialises in the manufacture of pre-hung metal doors including, door hardware and press metal door frames for a range of commercial and industrial applications.

These metal doors are used commonly in laboratories, prisons and prefabricated and transportable buildings. Lietzke Australia also offers a variety of embossed panel products.

The pre-hung metal doors from Lietzke Australia provide several benefits to the user. These metal doors are long lasting and provide better security when compared to the traditional timber doors. The metal doors can be installed very easily.

The product line of Lietzke Australia includes Lietzke Square line doors, Rebate edge doors, security doors, Duo doors and acoustic doors. Lietzke metal clad louvre doors, heavy duty louvre doors, bullet resistant doors, architectural door frames and flange fit frames are some of the other products available from Lietzke Australia.

The Lietzke square line doors are commonly used for warehouses, transportable buildings, sheds and garages. These square line doors are also used for medium security applications and commercial applications.

The square line doors from Lietzke Australia have a colourbond exterior finish and rigid polystyrene core. These metal doors have interlocking seams for rivet free edging and are available with either single or double configurations. 

These square line metal doors are available in zincalum, galvabond or stainless finish. Door seals and excluders, air relief grills, primed or powder coat finish and stainless steel hinging are the some of the options available with square line metal doors.